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Year: 2013
Date: 2013-10-30
Runtime: 86
Star:Jon Gries as Hoyt Miller
Kyle Davis as
Steve Berg as
Ratings: R

Movie Plot:

Skinwalker Ranch Streaming – In this found-footage horror flick inspired by the unexplained phenomena experienced at “Skinwalker Ranch” (aka Sherman Ranch) in Northeastern Utah, investigators from Modern Defense Enterprises (MDE) arrive to probe the case of a missing eight-year-old boy, only to realize they are dealing with forces far beyond their comprehension when confronted by enigmatic orbs, bizarre lupine creatures, and mutilated livestock. November 11, 2010: Ranch owner Hoyt Miller was celebrating his son Cody’s eighth birthday when the young boy simply vanished in a flash of light. Distraught, the grieving rancher refuses to give up hope as MDE investigators launch a thorough inquiry into the case. The more time the MDE crew spends on the scene, however, the more frequent an intense the phenomena grows until the team is forced to consider that they may simply be making matters worse. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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